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Nov 21, 2023

The Village’s cyclical tree pruning program has started. The area of the Village that will be pruned in this cycle is encompassed by Bodin Street on the west, Garfield Street on the east, the Railroad Tracks on the north and 55th Steet on the south. Forestry staff estimates over 1,000 public trees will be pruned in this year’s program.

Parkway trees located in sections or areas of the Village are pruned by a tree care contractor. The recommended frequency is a five-year pruning cycle, where each parkway tree is pruned once every five years. Within the urban forestry profession, documented studies have shown that a five-year pruning cycle maintains tree condition and value and is more cost effective for a community to maintain. Currently, Hinsdale prioritizes area pruning to meet this goal. 

For more detailed information on the annual tree pruning program please click here.