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Memorial Ribbon Tribute Page

Memorials to those we love and lost can play an important part in the healing process, in the aftermath of an event or in the years that follow.  The caring nature that defines Hinsdale is evident in the time so many community members have devoted to displaying memorial ribbons for loved ones throughout town. 

Due to the many inquiries the Village receives regarding ribbons displays, the Village has established this dedicated page to memorialize ribbon tributes. This page will be updated as new ribbons are displayed, and assist the Village in addressing any inquiries we may receive and provide community awareness as to the purpose of the memorial ribbons.  

In order to keep the website current and up-to-date, the Village asks any community members that plan to display a ribbon tribute to complete the form found here.

If you have questions, please contact the Village of Hinsdale at or (630)789-7000.

Ribbon Color

Date of Display

Tribute Purpose

Link to Obituary
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navy square


 In memory of Beth Lesniewicz, nee Sullivan



In memory of Amar Patel

 Funeral services were private. For more information please contact Powell Funeral Director's of Hinsdale, 630-703-9131



In memory of Steven Eich 

Light Blue
light blue


In memory of Tim Healy

More information will be shared when or if available.

Blue & White
File:White and blue square.svg - Wikimedia Commons


In memory of Julius S. Pohlenz



In memory of Sean Patrick Richards


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