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Only a few short days ago, Governor JB Pritzker signed a sweeping reform bill into law to protect all of us from the dangerous chemical ethylene oxide (EtO) that was emitting from Sterigenics in Willowbrook.  The bill that Governor Pritzker signed is known as the Matt Heller Act. Matt tragically lost his life to stomach cancer, a cancer that has been tied to EtO. 

After Willowbrook conducted its own independent air testing, the results were alarming enough that in February 2019 the Illinois EPA issued a Seal Order closing Sterigenics. In less than a week after Governor Pritzker signed the legislation, Sterigenics submitted an application with the Illinois EPA for a permit to install equipment to meet the requirements imposed by the new law. This simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Companies that use EtO should not be near playgrounds, public parks, schools, or houses. The risk is too great, even more so when a company has a demonstrated track record of operating with little regard for the safety of the community, as is the case with Sterigenics.

The Village of Hinsdale, in conjunction with the Village of Willowbrook and other neighboring communities, will do everything possible to keep Sterigenics from reopening.  Your safety, the safety of your families, and all of those who call this area home must be the first priority. Hinsdale will always be a welcome home to businesses that act responsibly. Sterigenics has proven that they are not one of those companies. We will make clear to elected State officials, the IEPA and any other regulatory body with jurisdiction that we are firmly opposed to any effort to allow Sterigenics to reopen.