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As part of the Oak Street Bridge reconstruction project, the Village was able to secure additional land adjacent to the Bridge to create a pocket park. In 2016, the Village held a silent auction for two stoplights that were part of the original Oak Street Bridge.  Trustee Chris Elder and Mr. Paul Caffrey were the proud recipients of these stoplights, and as a result of their generous donations, two park benches were installed in the Oak Street Bridge pocket park.  Trustee Elder elected to honor the men and women of the fire, police and military service and Mr. Caffery chose to honor the memory of his mother Mary Ellen Caffrey, who was a long-time Hinsdale resident.  These benches are now located in the Oak Street Bridget pocket park for the community to enjoy.

The Village held a pocket park dedication ceremony on June 13, 2017. Pictured here from left to right are:  Village Trustee Luke Stifflear, Village President Tom Cauley, former Village Trustee Laura LaPlaca, Rep. Patti Bellock and former Village Trustee Bill Haarlow.
Pocket Park Dedication