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Beginning in spring 2017, Nicor will be performing work to update its infrastructure within the Village's Central Business District (CBD). The project includes the replacement of Nicor's gas mains, as well as coordination with individual property and business owners to relocate gas meters to the outside of each building.  

The Village is working to coordinate with Nicor to minimize disruption to residents and businesses within the CBD.  Questions about the Nicor project can be referred to Nicor's project manager, Shuaib A Hadi, at 847-227-0794 or via email at

For more information about Nicor's 2017 CBD project, please see Nicor's newsletter to affected addresses here.

4/27/17 Update
Nicor continues to use three crews in the CBD to install gas main and gas services.  As of the week of 4/23/17, Nicor has installed 83% of the gas mains and 19% of the gas services in this project.

4/16/17 Update
Nicor's Crew 1 continues to work on 2" gas main installation.  At least two Nicor crews are working to install gas meters.  As of the week of 4/16/17, Nicor has installed 65% of the gas mains and 10% of the gas services in this project.

4/11/17 Update
Nicor's Crew 1 completed all 4" gas main installation from Grant to Hinsdale Avenue.  Crew 2 installed a new gas main in Village Place from First St. to near Hinsdale Ave. and the alley ways to the east and west.  Crew 3 installed 5 new gas services on Grant Street.  As of the week of 4/7/17, Nicor has installed 52% of the gas mains and 4% of the gas services in this project.

4/4/17 Update

Nicor is completing the construction of the main gas main on Grant, First, and Park Street by connecting to an existing gas main in the vicinity of the intersection of Park and Chicago. Nicor’s second crew has begun extending gas main from First Street north on Village Place. Nicor’s service installing crew is expected to begin work on 04/05/17. As of the week of 03/31/17, Nicor has installed 43% of the gas mains in this project.

On 04/03/17, Nicor hit an AT&T cable on Village Place. ComEd estimates it will take at least 3 days to fix the cable. Staff is working with Nicor and ComEd to keep access open to the businesses on Village Place and to keep egress from the Garfield Street parking lot open. The Nicor crew has moved to work on gas main installation on other streets. At this time, Nicor does not anticipate that this will impact their ability to complete the project by 07/03/17.

3/30/17 Update

Nicor has notified the Village that on Monday, April 3, 2017, they will begin the installation of the new gas main down Village Place.  They will stage from the alley entrance at Hinsdale Ave and push the new pipe towards First St.  The staging will require closure of the north alley   entrance for most of the day.  Access to the alley will be available from the Garfield/Fullers parking lot.  This operation is expected to take 1 – 2 days.  All open excavations will be plated overnight.  Please click here to view the Construction Activity Notice.

3/24/17 Update
Nicor is continuing to work on constructing gas mains on First Street.  The intersection of First and Lincoln has temporarily been reopened. 

As of 3/19/17, Nicor has installed 22% of the gas main in this project.

3/15/17 Update

Last week a duct bank was partially damaged and out of a potential 700 customers that could have been impacted, AT&T only received 32 service complaints.  AT&T’s temporary repairs will be complete by Tuesday, 03/14/17.  Nicor will complete a new gas main through the intersection of Lincoln and First Streets on Wednesday and Thursday, 03/15/17 – 03/16/17.  The intersection should be opened to vehicle traffic on Friday, 03/17/17.  AT&T permanent repairs will continue through 04/25/17 using the manholes north and south of First Street on Lincoln.  These permanent repairs will include temporary lane closures while they work in the AT&T manholes.  Throughout the AT&T emergency repairs since 03/13/17, Nicor has continued to work on the gas main installation east of Lincoln on First Street. 

As of the week of 03/12/17, Nicor has installed 15% of the gas main in this project.

03/08/17 Update
During the week of 03/05/17, Nicor’s sub-contractor, NPL, completed the installation of the gas main on Third Street from Hinsdale to Third Street.  The excavation at the intersection of Hinsdale and Grant will remain open until the completion of the 4-inch diameter gas main on Grant, First, and Park.  The excavation is covered by a steel plate that vehicles can drive over. 

 NPL began spotting utilities on First Street last week and began installing the gas main on First Street this week. As of Tuesday, 03/07/17, they have installed the gas main on First Street from Grant to Lincoln.

 Late on 03/07/17, NPL bored through a large AT&T duct bank.  That day, AT&T subcontractors began excavating to assess and repair the damage.  Potentially, 700 AT&T customers could be impacted by the damaged communications lines.

To complete this repair work, AT&T has closed Lincoln Street from First to Second.   The duration of the duct repairs, street closure, and any phone service disruption caused by this event is unknown at this time.  However, we anticipate the repair work to extend into the weekend.  Staff will update residents as AT&T provides further information. 

02/28/17 Update
On Monday 02/27/17, Nicor began excavation of the “main artery” gas main on Grant Street at Hinsdale Avenue.  They will continue building this gas main on Grant Street from Hinsdale to Third and they proceed east on First Street.

2/23/17 Nicor Update

During the last week, Nicor and their subcontractors, UMI and NPL, have been completing preparations for constructing the new gas main and gas services.  This preparation includes videotaping the existing streets and buildings, working with customers to identify the new meter locations, and televising the existing sanitary services using a robotic camera from the sanitary sewer main.  This last activity is especially important as it helps Nicor avoid damaging or cutting the existing underground sanitary services.  If the sanitary services are blocked at the sewer main end, Nicor will coordinate with the customer to attempt to televise the sanitary service from the house/business to the parkway. 

With most preparations and permitting complete, Nicor is moving their equipment into the designated staging area on Hinsdale Avenue.  Nicor anticipates beginning construction of the sewer main in the vicinity of Grant and Third Street shortly.  The Board of Trustees has approved Nicor to start work at 7:00 AM at select locations.  Please check the Early Start Time Resolution.