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Season Passes
Platform tennis passes entitles holders to unlimited play on the KLM and Burns courts.  Members can reserve courts 14 days in advance.  2017/18 memberships are valid September 1, 2017 through August 30, 2018.  2017/18 membership information was mailed mid-July.  For more information, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 630-789-7090.  All league players must have a paddle membership with the Village of Hinsdale.  NEW - there will be a $50 late fee on all memberships beginning November 1st.  Fee includes renewal of the current key FOB’s.  New key FOB’s for the paddle hut can be purchased for $25.  
Membership Form

Platform tennis memberships can be renewed on-line beginning in August.  If your membership is changing in any way or you are adding members, then you must mail or fax your registration to the Parks and Recreation office to renew.  All current members were assigned a permanent number that will be used for court reservations.  If you were assigned a pass number and you are not changing the type of membership, then you can renew your membership on-line.  All memberships, including lifetime memberships must be renewed for the current season.  All members of the family that have a pass number must be included on the registration form.  Passes will only be issued to children ages five and over.  Adult children that do not live with you cannot be included on the membership. You can also renew your membership by fax or mail.  Once the membership is received, the paddle number will be put on the reservation system.

Pass Type  Fee 
 Resident Individual  $200
 Resident Family  $250
 Non-Resident Individual  $300
 Non-Resident Family  $375
 Resident one-time use  $ 10
 Non-Resident one-time use  $ 15
Additional player fees
may apply to pass fees
Season pass holders may reserve a court on-line through the on-line reservation system once the registration form with signed waiver is received. You must have a current membership; know your pass number and the name of all four players in order to make a reservation. Further information regarding the on-line reservation system will be sent with your membership. Lifetime memberships must also fill out and sign a registration form in order to make reservations.