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Hinsdale's Golden Ticket

All aboard the Hinsdale Express! Support local businesses, collect ticket punches, and enter for a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes! Visit any participating business to get your golden ticket punched beginning Monday, December 4. Drop tickets off at Village Hall or the Hinsdale Library by December 22 to enter our holiday raffle! Each punch is equal to one raffle entry, so the more punches you collect, the more raffle entries you have. All ages are welcome to join in the fun! Participating businesses:

  1. Village of Hinsdale - 19 E. Chicago Ave.
  2. Hinsdale Public Library - 20 E. Maple St. 
  3. Airoom - 36 S. Washington St.
  4. Alixandra Blue - 2 W. 1st St.
  5. Alixandra Collections - 40 S. Washington St., #1
  6. Burhop’s Seafood - 12 Grant Square
  7. Café La Fortuna - 46 Village Pl. 
  8. DiCosola, LLC/Jameson Sotheby's - 330 W. Chestnut St., #1W
  9. Fuller House - 35 E. 1st St.
  10. Hinsdale Wine Shop - 12 E. Hinsdale Ave.
  11. Karat Jewelry Group - 9 E. 1st St.
  12. Kelsey Resale Boutique - 49 S Washington St. 
  13. Kramer Foods - 16 Grant Sq.
  14. Meredith Jaye - 48 S. Washington St.
  15. Razny Jewelers - 37 S. Washington St. 
  16. The PRIDE of Hinsdale - 149 E. Ogden Ave.

 While you’re finishing up your holiday shopping, be sure to check out the beautifully painted windows at Karat Jewelry Group, Que Miso, The PRIDE of Hinsdale, Razny Jewelers, and Hinsdale Orthodontist!