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History of the Memorial Building

Hinsdale boasts 150 years of history.

Hinsdale: A Founding Story

Brief Village History

In the year 1863, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad changed its corporate mind. Instead of running a track through the town of Fullersburg, located at what is now York and Ogden, it selected vacant land one mile to the south. Thus, the town of Hinsdale was born.

William Robbins is known as the founder of Hinsdale. Having knowledge of the railroad’s plans, he purchased the surrounding land. Robbins platted the village in 1865, taming the wild prairie by grading roads, planting trees and building homes. The following year he built the first school on the site of the present Middle School property.

Along with a few capable land developers, the fledgling town drew wealthy Chicagoans, German and Swedish tradesmen and many others. Each group contributed to creating a thriving village by 1873, the year Hinsdale was incorporated.