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The Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act (the “Act”), which was signed into law on April 12, as Public Act 100-0585, provides the regulations and process for permitting and deploying small wireless facilities within rights-of-way and on private property throughout Illinois (excluding Chicago). Small wireless facilities, also known as a “small cell,” are most often attached to utility or other poles. Small wireless facilities enable the transmission of data and wireless communications to and from a wireless device, such as a computer, cell phone, tablet, or new “smart home” types of devices (thermostats, refrigerators) and even, in the near future, driverless cars. The Act states that these small wireless facilities are critical to delivering wireless access to advanced technology, broadband and 9-1-1 services to homes, businesses and schools in Illinois. The telecommunications industry sought approval of the Act in order to roll out a 5G telecommunications network over the course of the next couple of years using small wireless facility installations attached to utility and other poles with minimal say by municipalities on where the installations are sited. Per the Act, small wireless facilities are permitted uses and not subject to any zoning review in all rights of way, regardless of zoning districts, and in zoning districts designated exclusively for commercial or industrial uses (in the case of the Village, the O-3 General Office Zoning District). The Village can subject small wireless facilities to zoning review in the remaining zoning districts when located outside the right-of-way.

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