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You may have seen recent news reports regarding emissions from a business located at Quincy Street and Midway Drive in Willowbrook.  The latest information from a Federal regulatory agency states that the emissions "are not an immediate threat to public health and are not considered to be an emergency situation."

Upon becoming aware of this issue, the Village of Hinsdale has been in contact with representatives from the Village of Willowbrook and the Illinois EPA. 

The facility in Willowbrook operates under an IEPA permit, and the USEPA/IEPA have stated that the company is in compliance with its permit.  Nonetheless in light of the reclassification of ETO, in July of 2018, Sterigenics installed a control device aimed at reducing the emission of this chemical.  It is believed that the reduction of emissions of this chemical will be in the range of 90% from previous levels.  The stack test overseen by the IEPA will verify the amount of emission reduction.  It is expected that USEPA will provide an updated risk assessment following the more recent testing with the emission device in place. 

The Village will continue to monitor the situation and encourages residents with specific questions to contact Brad Frost, Illinois EPA at 217.782.7027 or via email at brad.frost@illinois.gov.

At this time, all of the relevant state, federal and local agencies are in direct contact with the Village of Willowbrook.  As such, the Village of Willowbrook provides the most up to date information and their website may be accessed at www.willowbrookil.orgPlease click here to view the September 14, 2018, update.