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The Village received revised preliminary FIRM maps in June 2015 and June 2017.  The latest preliminary FIRM maps can be reviewed at the FEMA website at http://www.fema.gov/preliminaryfloodhazarddata.  On 02/16/18, the Village received an update letter from FEMA, please click here to view the letter.  A summary of the FEMA revision process discussed in the letter is shown below:

  • 12/29/17 – FEMA published a notice of the proposed flood hazard determinations in the Federal Register.
  • 02/22/18 and 03/01/18 – FEMA publishes a public notification concerning the appeal process in the Hinsdalean.
  • 90-day comment period.  Interested parties have 90-days after 03/01/18 to submit appeals to FEMA.  (These appeals should be based upon scientific or technical information and should include supporting documentation and data.)
  • FEMA/ISWS will review comments received.
  • Following resolution of any appeals and comments, FEMA will send a “letter of determination” which finalizes the flood hazard information and establishes an effective date for the new FIRM and FIS.  FEMA did not provided an estimated date for the letter of determination.