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Village Tree Board

The Village of Hinsdale takes great pride in its urban forest and its designation as a Tree City USA honoree.  

Guidelines for trees and shrubs within Village boundaries are included in Title 7, Chapter 2 of the Village code.  Any resident wishing to remove a tree in a public right-of-way must abide by the provisions of the code.  In cases where residents are requesting to remove a tree that does not meet the Village's administrative requirements for removal, these cases are heard by the Village Tree Board.  

The Village Tree Board meets on an ad hoc basis to hear cases relating to public trees.  The Tree Board is comprised of four sitting Village Trustees.  Actions of the Village Tree Board are final and binding.

Scott Banke, Chair

Michelle Fisher
Alexis Braden
Matt Posthuma


09/19/23   Agenda   Packet     Video

07/19/22   Agenda   Packet    
02/15/22   Agenda   Packet     Video
02/01/22 Cancelled        

11/16/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
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11/01/16   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video