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Committee of the Whole

The Committee of the Whole, when scheduled, typically meets on the second Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall of the Memorial Building, 19 East Chicago Avenue, Hinsdale, Illinois.  The Committee of the Whole reviews matters referred to the Committee by the Village Board of Trustees, and are scheduled as needed.

The Village of Hinsdale initiated its Committee of the Whole process in January 2015.  The Village’s three standing Committees (Administration and Community Affairs, Environment and Public Services, and Zoning and Public Safety) continue to be constituted, and the members of these standing Committees continue to specialize in specific subject matter.  However, most items formerly brought before the standing Committees are now heard by the full Village Board at its regularly-scheduled meetings.  When warranted, the Village Board may refer specific items to the Committee of the Whole for further discussion before taking final action.  All Trustees of the Village are members of the Committee of the Whole, which provides an opportunity for all Trustees to partake in in-depth discussion of Village issues.

Matt Posthuma
Neale Byrnes
Laurel Haarlow
Jerry Hughes
Scott Banke
Luke Stifflear

11/30/22   Agenda       Video
11/03/22   Agenda   Packet     Video
01/18/22   Agenda   Packet     Video

10/19/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
09/21/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
09/07/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
08/10/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
07/13/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
06/15/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
05/18/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
05/04/21   Agenda   Packet     Video
03/16/21   Agenda       Video

12/03/20   Agenda       Video

11/19/19   Agenda   Packet     Video
10/15/19 Joint Meeting w/ Finance Commission   Agenda       Video
03/19/19 Joint Meeting w/ Finance Commission   Agenda       Video
01/22/19 Joint Meeting w/ Finance Commission   Agenda   Packet     Video

08/14/18   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
03/06/18   Agenda       Video
01/09/18   Agenda       Video

03/14/17   Agenda      
01/23/17   Agenda   Packet     Video

04/05/16   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
02/22/16   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video

12/07/15 Cancelled        
11/09/15 Cancelled        
10/19/15 Special Meeting   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video More...
10/12/15 Rescheduled to 10/19/15        
09/07/15 Cancelled        
08/10/15 Cancelled        
07/13/15 Cancelled        
06/08/15 Cancelled        
05/11/15   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
04/13/15   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
03/09/15 Cancelled        
02/09/15 Cancelled        
01/12/15 Cancelled