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Why Hinsdale?
Possessing a unique combination of New England charm and wholesome Midwestern sensibility, the Village of Hinsdale provides an exceptional, nurturing, and prosperous setting for its citizens and businesses. Our historic downtown is a destination for shoppers and diners from the Chicago region, with many looking to escape the impersonal atmosphere of "Anywhere USA" malls and lifestyle centers. Hinsdale is where small town charm meets urban sophistication.

The forms, maps, and tools below contain important information that can greatly assist you in creating your Hinsdale business. If you have additional questions after reviewing the forms below please contact our Economic Development Department at (630) 789-7021.

The overall purpose of this Code is to maintain Hinsdale as one of the nation's finest residential suburbs by preserving and enhancing its historic character as a community comprised principally of well-maintained single family residential neighborhoods and small, thriving business areas oriented to serve the day-to-day needs of local residents.

Zoning Map
To carry out the purposes of this Code, the Village is divided into different zoning districts shown on the map.

Permits are the way the Village of Hinsdale regulates and reviews that all construction in the Village meets life and safety codes. There are several different types of permits based on the applicable building codes. Fore more information on permits please contact our Community Development Department at (630) 789-7033.

Business License Application
The Village of Hinsdale requires all businesses to register with the Village and obtain a business license. This practice is conducted in order to monitor and assist the Hinsdale business community. Occupations that are licensed through the State of Illinois are still required to register with the Village by completing the application and paying the business license fee.

Certificate of Zoning Compliance
The Village of Hinsdale requires all new businesses to complete a certificate of zoning compliance application.

Application for Certificate of Occupancy
The Village of Hinsdale requires all new businesses to complete a certificate of occupany application.