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Below is a list of private utility company's permit request forms to conduct work in the Village of Hinsdale. Per the franchise agreement between each private utility company and the Village of Hinsdale, the private utility company is allowed to construct and maintain their facilities in the public right of way and in easements. Permit requests include streets and/or a map to identify who is impacted. Residents are encouraged to view the requests below to see if there is any work being conducted in their area. If you have questions about the private utility improvements, please contact the private utility company. 

Comcast 10-14-19
ComEd 10-8-19
ComEd 10-4-19
Comcast 10-4-19
Ledcor 9-30-19
AT&T 9-23-19
Comcast 8-20-19
Comcast 7-30-19
Comcast 5-27-19
Verizon 4-10-19
Comcast 4-5-19
ComEd 4-2-19
NICOR 3-14-19
Verizon 2-11-19
Verizon 2-11-19
AT&T 2-5-19
MCI 2-5-19
MCI 2-5-19
Nicor 1-17-19
ComEd 12-10-18

AT&T 12-04-18
Comcast 11-30-18
Verizon 11-27-18
Verizon 11-27-18
Com Ed 10-30-18
Comcast 9-4-18
ATT 8-27-18
Comcast 8-27-18
Comcast 8-21-18
Comcast 8-16-18
Comcast 8-15-18
Comcast 8-10-18