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Refuse & Recycling Information

The Village has contracted with Republic Services/Allied Waste for residential refuse and recycling collection.  

Collection Days

The Village is divided into two collection areas, which are separated by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad tracks.  

Primary collection days are:
Monday: South of the railroad tracks 
Thursday: North of the railroad tracks

Yard Waste collection will begin Monday, April 1, 2024 and conclude the week including November 30.

Customers who have opted for 65 and/or 95-gallon collection service will be provided refuse and recycling toters by Republic Services.  35-gallon toter collection service require homeowners to provide their own refuse toter(s).  Recycling toters will still be provided.

Customers who have opted for twice-weekly service will have their primary collection for all waste services as above, and secondary collections will occur as follows.  

Secondary collection days
North of railroad tracks on Monday 
South of railroad tracks on Thursday

Reminder: Only household waste materials will be collected on the secondary collection; no yard waste or recycling will be collected.

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Refuse Collection Rate Schedule
As of November 1, 2023, refuse collection options and rates are as follows:

Standard Curbside Collection

1x per week 65 gal. - $23.35 per month 
1x per week 95 gal. - $26.01 per month
1x per week 65 gal. - $21.01 per month - Senior Discount (Homeowners 65+) *
2x per week 65 gal. - $46.70 per month 

2x per week 95 gal. - $52.02 per month

Backdoor Collection (Bulk items and recycling materials are collected curbside)
1x per week 35 gal. - $37.72 per month (Self-owned refuse toter)
1x per week 65 gal. - $42.53 per month
1x per week 95 gal. - $43.71 per month
1x per week 35 gal. - $37.72 per month - Senior Discount (Homeowners 65+) (Self-owned refuse toter) *
2x per week 35 gal. - $75.44 per month (Self-owned refuse toter)
2x per week 65 gal. - $85.07 per month
2x per week 95 gal. - $87.42 per month 

* The Senior Discount rate has been extended to residents who live alone and are physically unable to bring their refuse to the curb. To enroll in this discount program follow the senior discount instructions below. 

Twice per week collection includes standard service, plus a second collection on the secondary day (see collection days). Only household waste materials will be collected on the secondary collection, no yard waste or recycling or bulk items will be collected.

Garbage collection from an alley is considered back door collection.  Should a resident wish to continue alley refuse pick-up, they must opt into back door service.  Residents who currently have refuse collection service in an alley and want curbside collection service should opt into curbside service and place their refuse toter curbside along with their recycling toter.

Hinsdale Senior Discount
To be eligible for the senior citizen discount, the account holder must be a resident age 65 or older, and must provide Republic Services with a photo ID which can be sent by fax at (847) 718-9309, emailed to or mailed to the following:
Republic Service/Attn: Billing Dept
2101 S. Busse Rd.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Waste Sticker
$4.02 each 
Waste stickers or tags are required on all extra garbage, yard waste bags, or bulk items. One sticker is required for each 34-gallon yard waste bag or can or bag of waste. Two stickers are required for each bulk item.” (Stickers are available at the municipal offices and at local Hinsdale Merchants.)

Temporary containers and other services are available by calling Republic Services at (630) 964-3232 or (708) 345-7050.

Fall Leaf Collection
Each fall, the Village offers a Fall Leaf Collection Program, through Republic Services, where residents can place an unlimited amount of bagged leaves at the curb for collection. The leaves must be placed in kraft type paper yard waste bags and placed at the curb on your regularly scheduled collection day. The program runs for 6 weeks, typically starting in late October. 

For more information on the Fall Leaf Collection Program and this year's collection dates, please click here

How to participate in organics composting?
- The new organics composting program will be offered annually from April 1 through November 30.
- Residents must call Republic Services to purchase a 65-gallon or 95-gallon container to be used for organics composting only.
- Organics composting will be collected curbside on your primary collection day.
- Leaves and other small landscape debris may be added to the organics composting container and a sticker is not needed.
- To participate, please call Republic Services at 708-345-7050 or email your request to

Please note: residents who do not participate in organics composting may continue to use kraft paper bags for leaves and landscape debris with an affixed sticker. The annual free leaf collection program is not affected and will resume in the fall for all residents.

Composting/Yard Waste Bins
65 Gallon = $21.73 per month
95 Gallon = $27.78 per month

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Holiday Collection Schedule
The following holidays will affect the regularly scheduled collections in the Village of Hinsdale:

New Years' Day, Memorial Day 
Independence Day, Labor Day 
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on a Sunday or Monday, all service will be delayed by one day for that week (with waste collection taking place on Tuesday and Friday).  Regular collection will resume the following Monday.
If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (e.g., Thanksgiving), Thursday waste collection will take place on Friday. Regular collection will resume the following Monday.

Residents with questions about the holiday collection schedule are encouraged call Republic's 24-hour phone information system at 630-964-3232 or 708-345-7050.

Christmas Tree Collections
Christmas trees will be collected free of charge if placed at the curb during the weeks following New Year's Day. All decorations and trimming must be removed from the tree. Artificial Christmas trees shall be treated as a bulk item and will require two (2) garbage stickers for collection.

Holiday Recycling Tips
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average American household throws away nearly 125 pounds of trash per week. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, Americans discard 25 percent more trash than normal, or approximately 940 pounds of waste. Roughly 80 percent of what is discarded during the holidays could be recycled or reused. Please click here to view the flyer that provides tips for reducing, reusing, and recycling materials during the holidays. 

As noted in the rate schedule above, curbside recycling is included with residents' monthly refuse service.  For a list of recyclable items, please view the Village of Hinsdale Recycling Guide.

For more information about recycling, residents may also visit the DuPage County Recycling page or view the DuPage County Recycling Guide.

Electronics Recycling
If you have an old computer, monitor, tablet, television, radio, or other electronic device that is either no longer functional or is taking up space in your basement or garage, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of registered sites for the drop-off of electronic items.  Visit the Illinois EPA's site here.

For those Hinsdale residents located in DuPage County, Burr Ridge's Public Works Facility offers electronics recycling.  Please click here for more information.

Residents may also visit the website for the DuPage County Environmental Division to find information about waste, recycling, and energy efficiency programs.

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Unserviceable American Flag Disposal
The Hinsdale American Legion Post 250 will accept used American flags for proper disposal. A red, white, and blue Unserviceable American Flag Disposal drop box has been installed in the circle drive in front of the Hinsdale Public Library, next to the Library's drop box. Flags can be placed in the American Legion drop box at any time.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal
For information about how to dispose of items classified as "hazardous," including compact fluorescent bulbs, oil based paint and household chemicals, residents are encouraged to visit the DuPage County Recycling page.

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