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Flagg Creek Seasonal Cap Program

The Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District offers a program in the warmer months to help manage sewer expenditures for those residents with swimming pools, irrigation systems, and other significant water uses that do not result in sewer volume.  Since sewer rates are typically based on water use, the high volume of water consumed by these uses may adversely affect some households’ sewer bills.  To help mitigate this issue, residents are being encouraged to apply to Flagg Creek to be enrolled in their Seasonal Irrigation Cap Program. 

Participants in the Seasonal Irrigation Cap Program will be charged for wastewater volume based on an average of actual water meter readings during the non-seasonal (winter) period.  Flagg Creek uses a multiplier formula to determine the actual charges; for details, please see the program information and application.  Program participants may choose to have the cap applied for four (4) consecutive months between May and November.

Application for the program is due by June 15th of the first year of enrollment and must be accompanied by a $20 set-up fee.  Once a household is enrolled in the program, reapplication is unnecessary unless the property is sold/transferred. An annual $10 fee will be applied to the resident’s bill for subsequent years.

The Seasonal Irrigation Cap Program application and payment must be mailed or dropped off in person to Flagg Creek at the following address.  Checks may be made payable to Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District.

Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District
7001 North Frontage Road
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Residents with questions concerning this program are encouraged to contact Flagg Creek directly at (630) 323-3299 or