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Volunteer Program

Volunteer photos
The Hinsdale Police Department's volunteer program is intended to continue opening the department’s doors to the community.  The Volunteer Program has been created to solicit assistance from the community in fulfilling the department’s commitment to its mission.

There are various means in which Volunteers can help, including:  perform records services, lobby greeter, public information aide, investigative services aide, traffic aide, or assist in other duties as needed.  Community members that may have specialized skills, such as Information Technology or website design, and are willing to volunteer time are also encouraged to inquire.  The police department will provide training and schedule volunteers based upon their availability to help.  Volunteers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, and selection is based upon interview and a thorough background check.   

Sign up for this program by contacting Anna Benson at 630-789-7010,  or contact the Chief with any questions about this program.  Volunteers do not have to be residents of Hinsdale.