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How does the permit parking work?

Permit holders will be issued a colored permit. The color of the permit identifies the respective parking areas that can be used by the permit holder. The most prevalent colors and parking areas include:

RED -- Merchant Parking Permit (14 parking areas – 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
BLUE -- Commuter Parking Permit (2 parking areas – 7am-9:15am, Mon-Fri)
PURPLE -- Free Merchant Parking Permit 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)


Permit holders must display their permits if they are parking in these respective areas during the designated time periods. Outside of the designated time periods, parking is FREE and may be used by anybody. Permit holders only have reserved parking during the designated hours.

How can I purchase a permit?

If you are interested in becoming a permit holder, please register your contact information with the Village Hall by calling 630-789-7000, or via email.
I used to park in the permitted areas during the free hours. Where do I park now that these are all day permitted areas?

Changes to the regulated hours for permit areas will displace merchants who have taken advantage of free parking. The Village offers free permit parking for these merchants in an area designated with a purple permit (Hinsdale Avenue west of Vine Street).

The Chestnut Street Lot, located on Chestnut Street west of Lincoln, is regulated by a pay box for a rate of 1 hour for every $0.25 cents, between the hours of 6am-6pm. The pay box accepts coins, dollars, or credit cards. This lot may be used by merchants, commuters, or shoppers.

Additional free parking is available in the Village Lot after 9:15am Mon-Sat, or all day Sunday and Holidays.

Where can I direct shoppers to park in town?

The Washington Lot is designated a “Shopper Only” parking lot. Essentially, this has increased the parking availability for visitors and shoppers in a central location in the business district.

Shoppers should be directed to the Washington Lot (Washington Street just south of First Street). This parking area is regulated by a pay box for a rate of 1 hour for every $0.25 cents. The pay box accepts coins, dollars, or credit cards. The maximum time allowable for parking in this lot is six (6) hours.

Users of the lot must remember their stall number, and then immediately pay at the box (There has been confusion in which customers misinterpreted that payment should be made after returning to their vehicle.)

Merchants and employees parking in the designated shopper areas are subject to a $25 fine.

What if I cannot find a parking space in my permitted area?

The Village will not be increasing the volume of permit sales at the onset of these changes. Therefore, the spot availability will remain constant with the number of sold permits.

It is recognized that some permit areas will be of higher demand than others; however, the availability will be relative to the number of spots available in the past. Time will help you identify what the peak use times will be in the respective lots, and consequently you may need to seek alternative areas which are of lesser demand.

Where can I find a map of the new Village permit parking areas?
Permit - Shopper Parking Map 7-2017 Temporary Lot

Maps are available by clicking here or can be picked up in person at the Village Hall or Police Department.

Additional maps will be posted on Village-owned public announcement bulletin boards throughout the community.

Why does the Village no longer allow duplicate permits?
The Village has made a policy decision to discontinue the use of duplicate parking permits. The purpose of this change was not to generate more revenue but because it was impossible to monitor the use of multiple duplicate permits due to the expansive parking areas where permits can be used. You may still share permits between employees and the Police Department located at 121 Symonds Drive has agreed to be the exchange point for employees to pick-up and drop-off permits. To do this, please drop off an envelope with your business name on it with your parking permit and instruct your employee of this procedure. Permits can be dropped off and picked up 24 hours a day.