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Sponsor, Donate, & Advertise

The Parks and Recreation Department is always looking for creative ways to work with and build relationships with local businesses and organizations for the betterment of the community, the services we offer, and the organizations/businesses themselves. This includes allowing these groups to support their favorite events and programs through sponsorship, vendor, in-kind donation, and advertising opportunities.

The Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of opportunities that align with the different goals and objectives of the many local businesses and organizations. All of these opportunities allow for them to enhance their existing marketing exposure, and extend visibility in the community. 

The Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department looks forward to working with interested businesses and organizations, and is happy to further discuss opportunities found on our website. We encourage and are open to new ideas presented by future partners as well.

Whether we have received your support in the past or are seeking it in the future, we look forward to an opportunity to work with you!

Special Events
The Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department offers over 35 events every year for the enjoyment of Hinsdale residents and surrounding communities. Some of these events include the Fourth of July Parade and Festival, Fall Family Festival, Egg Hunt, and Movies in the Park. Events like the Fourth of July and Fall Family Festival have become long honored traditions for the Village with thousands of attendees every year. With over 35 events, there is really something for everyone’s amusement.

Program Guide Advertisements
The Parks and Recreation Department puts out three seasonal program guides. These program guides are distributed to over 7000 Hinsdale households, at our facilities and events, and published on the Village website. These program guides see a shelf life of four months and highlight all the events and programs offered each season.

If you wish to discuss or learn more about any of our events, sponsorship, or advertising opportunities to determine what works well with your organization’s goals and objectives, contact Sammy Hanzel, Recreation & Marketing Communications Manager at or (630)789-7097.

Park Amenities & Facilities
In addition to aforementioned opportunities are park amenity donations. Park Amenities include benches, trash receptacles, flag poles, playground equipment, bleachers and much more. 

Read Our Donation Policy
For more information on how to contribute to our parks, please contact Heather Bereckis, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation at or (630)789-7092.

Tribute Trees
Learn more about Tribute Trees in Hinsdale by clicking here.  

Tribute Trees are arranged by the Village Superintendent of Parks & Foresty.  Contact John Finnell at