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Hinsdale Turkey Trail

Hinsdale Turkey Trail Begins Friday, November 12th! 
Did you know you can find turkeys all over Hinsdale?
Join us in the search! How many can you find? This event is FREE and a fun way for the family to stay active and explore Hinsdale this season.

How to Participate

  • Take a walk through your neighborhood or throughout Hinsdale - search #HinsdaleTurkeyTrail or @HinsdaleParks on social media to see others on their search. Use the clues below to find all of the turkeys in town!
  • Take a selfie enjoying your search, let us know how many turkeys you find, and tag @HinsdaleParks and #HinsdaleTurkeyTrail

Clues to Get You Started on the Search

  1. This turkey has a great view of Burlington Park and downtown Hinsdale.
  2. These turkeys are local heroes.
  3. These turkeys just got married in a park!
  4. This turkey loves to maintain the gardens with Robert Frost.
  5. This turkey LOVES supporting local restaurants and retailers.
  6. This turkey promotes many Hinsdale businesses.
  7. This turkey is a bookworm.
  8. This turkey is a our local historian.
  9. This turkey plays in Jodie Harrison Basketball League.
  10. This turkey has a joke for you... "what's black and white and read all over?"
  11. BONUS TURKEYS - You might buy a turkey here!

Need some help? - Download a Map for Hints

How Your Own Turkey can Join the Trail:
Download and print a colorable turkey (or pick up a copy at Village Hall). Hang the decorated turkey in your front window or outside your house for pedestrians to see, or bring it to Kramer Foods to hang in their store window. Post a photo to social media with #HinsdaleTurkeyTrail


turkey trail teaser (2)