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Super Pass Information

 There will be no Super Passes or Memberships for the 2020 season.

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Hello Hinsdale Residents!

For many years, The Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department have offered Super Passes to residents. These passes give residents access to both our Hinsdale Community Pool as well as the Clarendon Hills Lions Park Pool for a significantly discounted price. In the past these passes have gone on sale on March 1st at 8am on a first-come first-serve basis. Residents who were able to devote the time in the early morning to standing in line outside Village Hall, have gotten there as early as 4am to have their chance at purchasing these passes.

We recognized that not everyone’s schedule allowed them to wait in line for hours early in the morning on a work day to have their chance at purchasing this pass. For this very reason, Staff and The Hinsdale Parks & Recreation Commission decided to change the way Super Passes were sold for the 2018 season in order to give the maximum number of residents a chance at purchasing a Super Pass. As we have for the past two years, the 2020 Super Passes will be sold on the same lottery system.

You will be able to register during the time frame of March 1st-March 20th. You may register in-person, via mail/fax, or by email to using our Pool Pass Membership Form. This form can be found in our brochure, or a fillable version can be found on the Village of Hinsdale website. Although you can renew your pool membership online, if you are entering the lottery, we must have a physical form on file. After the March 20th deadline, the lottery will be run on March 23rd and residents will be notified via mail and email if they did or did not receive a Super Pass. You will have until April 10th to accept your passes.

There are a few requirements for registering for the Super Pass Lottery. Most importantly, you must be a resident of Hinsdale. Also, in order to register for the Super Pass lottery, you must have the intention of getting  Hinsdale Community Pool membership regardless of winning Super Passes or not. Therefore you are required to purchase a regular pool membership (at early bird pricing) when you turn in your form in order to participate in the Super Pass Lottery.

As a reminder, the purchase of a Super Pass is an additional fee per person on top of the Early Bird Resident Rates. The cost per person for a Super Pass is $50 per person. When registering for the lottery, you will only pay the early bird resident pool membership rate. If you are chosen for a Super Pass, an invoice will be included in your mailed notice for the remaining balance due which will be equal to the appropriate number of Super Passes needed as indicated on your initial form. When filling out your registration form, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to remain on the waitlist if you are not initially chosen for Super Passes.

Below are our rates:

Resident Early Bird Rates                    Added Super Pass Costs

Family..................$290                         Each Member…………………….$50 each


Senior (60+yrs)…$80                         


*please indicate on your registration form if one of the people you are purchasing a pass for is a nanny

 After the lottery, one of two notices will be mailed and emailed to you:

  1. You got a Super Pass —We will notify you that you received a Super Pass and what your next steps are. An invoice will be included for the remaining balance due and instructions on how to complete your payment. Once we have received this payment, we will mail back your physical passes. If you have not purchased a pass with us before, you may need to come in to have pictures taken. If you no longer wish to have a Super Pass or do not remit payment by April 10th, your pass will be awarded to those on the waitlist.
  2. You did not get a Super Pass —We will inform you what your next steps are for acquiring your regular pool passes instead. If you indicated wanting to remain on a waitlist, we will hold off on this process until after April 10th. If you have purchased passes with us before, we will simply renew your old cards and you will be all set for pool open on May 23rd! If you have not had passes with us before, you will need to come in to have your pictures taken and cards printed. Cards can also be printed at the pool. If you have lost your card from a previous year you will have to stop by in-person for a new one. Lost card replacement costs $10. If you chose to be placed on the Super Pass Waitlist, we will notify you on April 13th if you have received one and invoice you for that balance.

Please remember that Pool Passes are non-refundable. If you choose not to participate in the Super Pass Lottery, you may still purchase a Pool Pass at the Early Bird Rate March 1st through April 30th. After that date and time, pricing will go up to the Regular Rates.  If you decide a Pool Membership is not the best method for you or your family, we also always offer 10-Visit Passes and Daily Admission Fees.

If you have any questions about our lottery system for issuing Super Passes, please contact our department at or (630)789-7090.