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Neighborhood Architectural Resource Surveys

In order to remain a Certified Local Government, the Village must continue its survey program. An intensive survey includes the creation of a data form on each principal structure with such information as the building's use, condition, integrity, architectural style, construction date, architect or builder (if known), architectural features, and alterations. Each building also receives a local rating. Photographs are taken of the main street façade of the building and any secondary structures on the site. 

In 1999, prior to the creation of the Historic Preservation Commission, a Reconnaissance Survey was completed of the entire community. The creation of the final report included the listing of all significant structures within designated areas and the listing of scattered sites for the remaining portions of the community. 

Since the creation of the Historic Preservation Commission the following areas have been surveyed: 
Copies of these documents are available for viewing at the Village Offices, Hinsdale Public Library - Reference Desk and the Hinsdale Historical Society during normal business hours. 

Please contact the Village Planner at (630) 789-7030 with any questions and for assistance in designating your home as a landmark.