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Specialty Teams

Technical Rescue Training In recent years, many fire departments have taken on the additional responsibilities of providing assistance in mitigating emergencies in areas not traditionally serviced by fire service personnel. These emergencies are hazardous materials response, confined space and technical rescue, and fire cause & origin investigation.

The personnel with these abilities on the Hinsdale Fire Department have joined forces with the members of our mutual aid association to provide a strong background in training, response, mitigation, and resources that is cost prohibitive for individual departments. At the present time, the fire department participates in the following regional response programs:


 Hazardous Materials
 Technical Rescue
 Fire Investigation
DuPage County Fire Investigation
Task Force 
FF/PM Bob Patitucci
(Technician Level B)
 FF/PM Jasmeet Sanghera
 Lt. Mike Neville Lt. Pat Schaberg
FF/PM Dan Majewski
(Technician Level B)
  FF/PM Ryan Dudek
 FF/PM Pat Schaberg
 Lt. Tom McCarthy
FF/PM Mike Wilson
(Technician Level B)
  FF/PM Kevin Baker

Chief John Giannelli 
(Technician Level B)
  FF/PM Mike Lorusso  



All of these response teams conduct their training on a monthly basis to remain proficient in these areas of expertise.