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Public Education

Saftey VillageThe Fire Department offers a variety of public education opportunities to reach the people who work and live in Hinsdale. These events include our Annual Open House, the Safety Village of Hinsdale, block parties, school visits, fire drills, station tours and community CPR classes. We also are open to scheduled station visits to accommodate first aid training for different children's groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Church groups).

The Safety Village of Hinsdale, operating for over 30 years, is a miniature town complete with small buildings, working traffic signals and railroad crossings, and street signs. Every summer in the month of June, children living in Hinsdale who are entering Kindergarten and First Grade can sign up to attend the two week program located at Oak School and are educated on a variety of safety topics. Police Officers and Firefighters play a key role in presenting the program.
Community CPR classes are another vital service that the Fire Department provides. The chance of survival for a person who suffers a cardiac arrest increases 90 percent when cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is started and an automated external defibrillator (AED) is administered within the first minute of the person not breathing. Those first few minutes are critical as the average response time of the Hinsdale Fire Department is approximately 3 minutes. We encourage anyone who is wishing to become certified or renew their current CPR certificate to enroll in one of our classes. The Fire Department offers both Heartsaver CPR and AED training for non-medical personnel and BLS for Healthcare Providers for medical personnel at the Hinsdale Fire Department. For more information or to register for a class, please contact the fire station at (630) 789-7060.