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Organizational Personnel


The Hinsdale Fire Department was officially formed in July of 1893. In the beginning, the department was staffed by Village residents who were true volunteers serving their community. Through the years, the Village's needs were such that a combination full time/volunteer department provided services for many years. There are 23 fulltime personnel. In November of 2016, John Giannelli was appointed as the Fire Chief. Chief Giannelli has been a member of the department since 1991, rising through the ranks as Lieutenant in May of 2005 and Captain in June of 2006. Chief Giannelli holds numerous fire and EMS certifications and was the first member of the department to receive the Chief Fire Officer certification from the State Fire Marshal. 

In addition to Chief Giannelli, the Administrative staff of the Fire Department consists of Deputy Chief Jon Carlson, and Fire Inspector Brian Sible. Brian Sible has an extensive history in fire prevention. He was hired in 2015 to replace Donald Gay. The administrative staff works normal business hours - 8am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

The remainder of the personnel is assigned to three shifts. Each shift works 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty. This arrangement provides at least seven (7) personnel each day. The minimum staffing level for on duty personnel is six (6). Currently, fire personnel are assigned to the following shifts:

 Shift 1 (Black)  Shift 2 (Red) Shift 3 (Gold) 
 Capt. Ziemer Capt. Claybrook Capt. Neville
 Lt. Tullis
Lt. Schaberg  Lt. McCarthy
 FF/PM Wilson  FF/PM Nichols  FF/PM Majewski
 FF/PM Smith  FF/PM Patitucci  FF/PM Baker
 FF/PM Dudek
 FF/PM McDonough  FF/PM Skibbens
 FF/PM Lorusso  FF/PM Sanghera
 FF/PM Swon
FF/PM Chism
FF/PM Lauber