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Office of Emergency Management

The Village of Hinsdale Emergency Management Team is made up of dedicated professionals that have public safety and mitigation of potential disaster situations as our main focus.


The mission of Emergency Management is to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, training and response efforts. The coordination of response agencies during a disaster event and public education and awareness for disaster preparedness is a vital part of these efforts. We insure the Village's state of readiness with the development and maintenance of the Emergency Operations Plan partnering with the Police Department and Fire Department.


Disaster strikes anytime and anywhere. It takes many forms -- a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorism. It builds over days or weeks, or hits suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of Americans face disaster, and its terrifying consequences.

What We Do 
The Office of Emergency Management provides:

  • Effective and orderly governmental control and coordination of emergency operations;

  • Develops and maintains the Village's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan;

  • Coordinates emergency management activities, services and programs including: 
      • Teaching people how to get through a disaster

      • Making disaster assistance available to our communities, businesses, and individuals

      • Training and emergency simulations

If you would like additional information or have any questions regarding our Emergency Management Agency you may contact the Village's Emergency Management Coordinators,  the Hinsdale Fire Department at 630-789-7060, or Kevin Susmarski of the Hinsdale Police Department at 630-789-7070 or send e-mail. If you have an emergency to report please contact the Village of Hinsdale Police Department at 9-1-1.