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Fire Suppression & Rescue

Tower 84 at Cicero's Warehouse FireFire suppression and rescue activities for the Village of Hinsdale Fire Department include response to several types of fire related conditions. In addition to responding to structural related fires, the fire department responds to fires involving vehicles, brush or grass; refuse containers, and other fires that occur. Fire suppression activities also include investigating situations that are fire related such as automatic fire alarm activations, smoke or odor investigations, power line or transformer problems, and flammable fuel spills or leaks. Also included in this area would be calls for emergency situations like vehicle extrication, activated carbon monoxide detectors, miscellaneous rescue calls and service related calls to check on hazards.

Typically, the response to structural related fire calls, activated fire alarms, and smoke or odor investigations includes one engine company, one paramedic ambulance, the aerial ladder, and all of Hinsdale’s on-duty personnel. If the call originates in a high life or fire hazard, additional fire apparatus and personnel respond from a neighboring community. This additional assistance is a valuable tool in both rescuing endangered occupants and controlling a fire early. Should additional help be needed beyond this, the off-duty members of the fire department are recalled to work and the fire department is part of the MABAS mutual aid association – Division 10. The response to the other fire and rescue related conditions are typically handled by one engine company.

Every member of the fire department is trained and certified by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

In 2022, the Fire Department responded to 2,608 calls for service. There were 1,537 ambulance requests (59%), 514 emergency related calls (20%), and 557 fire and fire alarm activations (21%). Of the 2,608 calls, 484 were simultaneous calls. This means that we received additional calls for emergency services while we were already out on an emergency call.