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CPR Classes

Heart Saver AED

This is an American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR / AED class. Adults, children, and infants are all included.

This class is designed for individuals who need a CPR card for either personal fulfillment or for work purposes (for people who do NOT work in any kind of healthcare environment). This class is perfect for the lay person, the fitness instructor, the educator, or the childcare professional. This class is also appropriate for parents, couples ready to adopt, expectant parents, or anyone else.

This is a great class for new moms and dads / couples looking to adopt, grandparents, foster parents, babysitters / nannies, childcare providers, or anyone who is just looking to learn CPR.

(If you work in any kind of medical field or are a student of, this is most likely not the appropriate class and you should consider taking the BLS class)

* CPR for the Adult, Child, and Infant
* Choking for the Adult, Child, and Infant
* Use of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Students will receive an American Heart Association CPR / AED card at the end of class.

Connect with the Parks & Recreation Department for available dates.

Sign up for HeartSaver CPR classes are coordinated through the
Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department.

Contact Parks & Recreation: (630)789-7090

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Health Care Provider CPR

This is the most common kind of CPR certification needed by Healthcare Professionals.

Healthcare professionals include, but are not limited to, the following: Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Certified Nurse Assistants, Medical Assistants, Physician Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Phlebotomy Technicians, Electrocardiogram Technicians, or any other ancillary healthcare practitioners who work in a clinical setting or hospital.

Please consult with any employer and/or accreditation institution as to which class is required for your licensure / certification.

* CPR for the adult, child, and infant.
* Choking for the adult, child, and infant.
* Use of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
* Use of the Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM)
* Differences between 1 and 2 rescuer CPR

After the class, a 25 question multiple choice test is administered. A passing grade of 84% or better is required before your card can be issued.

This class is scheduled for 4 hours. Class times will vary depending on class participation and other factors (i.e. how long it takes to finish the test), this is an estimate only.

Students will receive an American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider card at the end of class, as long as the multiple choice test was successful (see above).

To sign up for a Healthcare Provider CPR class please contact Lt. Mike Neville.


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