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Special Service Area #14

041318 SSA Map
The Village of Hinsdale is in the process of creating a Special Service Area (SSA) that will include the areas in the Village’s Central Business District (CBD) that are bounded by Garfield Street, 2nd Street, Grant Street and Hinsdale Avenue.

A special service area (SSA) is a taxing mechanism that may be used to fund a wide range of special or additional services and/or physical improvements in a defined geographic area within a municipality; retail districts and central business districts are frequently included in an SSA.  Among the list of common services and activities provided by SSAs are support services, such as special events; infrastructure improvements, such as parking lots or garages; and land and building improvements, such as storefront improvements. 

In 2017, the Hinsdale Village Board approved an agreement with Community Consolidated School District 181 to construct a parking deck in the CBD in conjunction with the construction of a new middle school.  The total cost of the parking deck is currently estimated at $7.6 million.  The proposed SSA in the Hinsdale CBD would be established for the purpose of funding the incremental cost of the larger of two parking deck options that were considered by the Village Board in August 2017. The proposed SSA will be designed to recover a portion of the debt service costs for the parking deck from an annual real estate tax that will be levied on all taxable properties in the SSA over the next 20 years. 

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Who is responsible for the SSA tax?

How is the SSA tax allocated among property owners?

How many property owners will be paying the SSA Tax?

How will the annual tax levy amount be determined?

Who will bill and collect the tax?

When is the SSA tax due and who will notify me?

Is the SSA tax deductible for the property owner?

When will the SSA tax start and how long will it last?

How does the failure of one property owner to pay its Special Service tax affect other property owners?

How is the SSA tax disclosed to a future property purchaser?

How much will my tax be?

What is the rate of the "Maximum Tax Rate" included in the establishing ordinance?

Will the amount of the SSA tax to the individual properties be fixed for the entire 20 year period?

How will I know if my property is included in the SSA?

When is the legally required public hearing being held for the creation of the SSA?

What happens after the public hearing?

What will happen if petitions are filed to stop the creation of the SSA?