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October 6, 2015
Police Department Crime Prevention
The Hinsdale Police Department Crime Prevention/D.A.R.E. Unit is proud of the variety of programs and services it offers to the residential and business community of Hinsdale. Our programs include the following:

School Programs
D.A.R.E. Core Program
Violence Education Gang Awareness
D.A.R.E. Jr High
Personal Safety
McGruff House
Neighborhood Safety
Reassurance Program
Senior Safety
Crime Prevention
   Child Safety Seat Inspections
   Citizens Police Academy
Field Training Officers
Felony Investigation Assistance Team

School Programs
Since 1990 The Hinsdale Police Department has presented the D.A.R.E. Program in all of Hinsdale Grade Schools. Our D.A.R.E. Officers present these D.A.R.E. programs.

Is a 17-week program designed to give young people the facts about drugs and alcohol and provide skills to resist social pressures to experiment with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. The program helps children raise their self-esteem, teach them how to make decisions on their own and help them identify positive alternatives to substance abuse, and other destructive behaviors.

History of D.A.R.E.
In 1990 Longtime Hinsdale Youth Officer Joe Gurak pushed for the D.A.R.E. Program for Hinsdale schools. Officers Joe Gurak & Pete Jirasek implemented the D.A.R.E. Program and both started teaching it in 1990. Officer Mark Mandarino began teaching D.A.R.E. in 1992. Officer Jirasek introduced the D.A.R.E. Jr High program in Spring 1993, and V.E.G.A. (Violence and Gang Education) in Fall 1993.

For more information contact: DARE Officer Coughlin

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V.E.G.A. (Violence Education Gang Awareness)
VEGA is taught to 6th grade students the year after the D.A.R.E. curriculum. It offers prevention strategies to deal with students at risk of gang involment and violence. VEGA meets the goals of the Illionois State mandate to teach violence prevention and conflict resolution skills in all public skills.

Five Principals of VEGA
  1. Distrubted Leadership - All students are capable of understanding, learning and performing leadership tasks.
  2. Heterogeneous groups - The most effective students groups are those which include different backgrounds, skill levels, physical capabilities, and genders.
  3. Positive interdependence and individual accountability- students need to learn to recoginize and value their dependence upon each other. They are expected to participate. We sink or swim together.
  4. Social Skill acquisition - Working in a group requires the acquistion of specific social skills which can be taught and learned.
  5. Group Autonomy - When students learn to resolve their problems with little or no intervention from the teacher, they become more autonomous and self - sufficient.
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D.A.R.E. JR. High/Middle School Curriculum
The D.A.R.E. Jr. High/Middle School Curriculum is a ten-lesson program taught in consecutive days in Hinsdale Eighth Grade Classrooms in both public and parochial schools. The program reinforces and expands upon concepts learned in the core program. It gives specific information on the risks involved in using drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, and cocaine. The program also talks about how to avoid violent relationships and develop good character.

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Personal Safety
The Crime Prevention Unit offers personal safety/stranger danger programs for all elementary grade classrooms. These programs cover topics such as staying away from strangers, good/bad touching, home alone safety, and babysitting safety.

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McGruff House
A McGruff House is a temporary haven for children who find themselves in emergency or frightening situations such as being bullied, followed, or hurt while walking in a neighborhood. A McGruff house provides a sense of security and a source of emergency aid. It is not an escort service or a guarantee of safety but rather a place for appropriate short-term help by an adult for a child. For more information please contact Officer Coughlin at 789-7070 or via e-mail.
Sample of a McGruff House placard.

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Neighborhood Safety
The police department offers seminars on burglary prevention and personal safety for adults. We also offer free home security surveys for village residents. The crime prevention officer will come out to your house and walk around with you. The officer will then complete a security survey and give you a copy! All it takes is a call to the crime prevention unit of the Hinsdale Police Department to find out how you or your organization can receive these free services.

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Reassurance Program
This program provides a daily health & safety check for participants. Participants call the Police Department each morning by 10:00am and / or 9:00pm each evening, seven days a week. Persons not contacting the department by the appointed time, will be called by the Police Department. If no response is forthcoming, An officer will be dispatched to the person's residence to check on them. Participants may call twice daily, mornings only, or evenings only. You may choose whatever plan suits your lifestyle.

Requirements of program:
Hinsdale Resident
Provide a house or apartment key

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Senior Safety
The Hinsdale Police Department is a charter member of the Downers Grove Township S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Lawmen Together) Council. The Council meets every month in different locations in the township. The Council addresses the health and safety concerns of senior citizens living in the township. The S.A.L.T. council also conducts a Senior Citizen Police Academy twice a year. The Academy is a ten-lesson program which mirrors training recruit police officers receive when they attend police academies in Illinois. The Hinsdale Police Department Crime Prevention Unit will be happy to speak to any Hinsdale Senior Citizen Group. We offer a special program for seniors on fraud and con game prevention.

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Crime Prevention Program
  1. Child Safety Seat Inspections
    Contact Officer Coughlin at 789-7070 or e-mail

  2. Citizens Police Academy
    Purpose is to give residents the opportunity to learn about police work in general and issues that face Law Enforcement efforts in the Village of Hinsdale. The Academy is hosted at the Hinsdale Police Station and meets for 10 weeks. Participants must be 21 yrs old and be a Hinsdale Resident.
    Topics include: patrol, investigations, juveniles, traffic, and SWAT.
    There is no cost for the program.

  3. Presentations
    • Personal Safety
    • Home Security Surveys
    • Senior Citizen Safety
    • Child Personal Safety (Stranger Danger)
    • Business Presentations
    • Armed Robbery
    • Retail Theft Prevention
    • Bad Check Cases
    • Loss Prevention Site Survey
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Field Training Officers (FTO)
Field Training Officers (FTO) have the responsibility of teaching new recruits how to be come effective police officers. This unit consists of Officers that have successfully completed specialized training, and have been selected to serve as both role model and mentor for new officers. It is one of the most difficult and important assignments in the police department. The 14 Week Program is modeled after the original San Jose & the 1986 Boulder Police Department training program.

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Felony Investigation Assistance Team (F.I.A.T)
The Hinsdale Police Department is an active member of the Felony Investigation Assistance Team, or FIAT. FIAT was first formed in the 1970's to allow several smaller agencies to pool their often-limited resources and personnel to handle major incidents.
Today, FIAT consists of 13 municipalities in south DuPage County plus the DuPage County Sheriff's Police. FIAT largely allows all of the member agencies to share equipment, personnel and resources as needed for major crimes or significant events.
FIAT has developed four distinctive programs to address the needs of police agencies.
  • Major Crimes Task Force. The Major Crimes Task Force consists of four teams of highly trained investigators who are mobilized to handle homicides, significant violent crimes, serial crimes and extended surveillances. The Hinsdale Police Department has 2 Investigators assigned to the Major Crimes Task Force.
  • Accident Reconstructionist team
  • FIAT also provides a special event / field response program. Utilizing this program, agencies can draw from other police departments to provide additional manpower at events such as large community events, street fairs or potential demonstrations.
  • FIAT SWAT Team
    A Multi-Jursdictional Team SWAT, Special Weapons And Tactics. The Team consists of nearly 30 members, including Hostage Negotiators, Fire Department Tactical Medics. SWAT Officers are on call 24/7. Most common SWAT Calls are: barricaded gunmen, hostage rescue and armed suicidal subjects.
    The SWAT Team trains on a monthly basis. Screening for team members includes: Recommendation from Department Chief, Panel Interview, Physical fitness test and successful completion of two week SWAT Class. Officers are trained in fully automatic sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and scoped rifles.
    FIAT Website: www.fiatswat.go.to
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Please let us know if you need any help in addressing a safety issue in your neighborhood. Just call (630) 789-7070 and ask to speak to the Crime Prevention Officer.
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