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The Des Plaines Valley Mosquito Abatement District is conducting adult treatment to control mosquitoes in the Cook County portions of Hinsdale on Monday, August 13, 2018 between the hours of 7:45 PM and 12:00 AM. The exact timing of the application will be weather dependent.  The application will be sprayed using a truck mounted boom. Only portions of Hinsdale located in Cook County will be treated, as these areas fall under Des Plaines Valley’s jurisdiction. The product used to control the adult mosquitoes will be Anvil 10+10 ULV with an application rate of .0030 lbs. a.i./acre.

It is important to note that over 95% of Des Plaines Valley’s mosquito control effort is an aggressive larval control program, as this is the most effective approach to mosquito control. Adult mosquito control (i.e., spraying) is supplemental and only occurs after a strong larval control program has put as much pressure on the mosquito population as possible. Once mosquitoes in the adult stage are infected with West Nile Virus (WNV), adult mosquito control is the only tool available to reduce the human population's exposure to WNV.

The decision to implement adult mosquito control is primarily based on testing of mosquitoes for the presence of WNV using the RAMP test as well as data from testing agencies in surrounding areas. The Illinois Department of Public Health’s rule of thumb is that when the number of positive pools for WNV goes above 10% it is more likely WNV will spill over into the human population. Recent testing has indicated positive pools above 10%. This is why Des Plaines Valley has chosen to implement adult control efforts in its Central-West region, which includes the Cook County area of Hinsdale.

For additional information, residents are encouraged to contact Des Plaines Valley Mosquito Abatement directly at 708-447-1765.