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The contractor will begin the project by mobilizing equipment and materials to 58th St on Monday, April 3, 2017

 59th St. (April 3rd to April 17th) 58th St. (April 5th to April 18th)
 Woodmere (April 11th to April 25th) Giddings (April 14th to April 24th)
 9th St. (April 19th to May 1st) S. Stough St. (April 24th to April 28th) 
 S. Madison St. (April 27th to May 5th) North St. (May 2nd to May 16th) 
 N. Adams St. (May 5th to May 15th) S. Park St. (May 10th to May 24th) 
 S. Elm St. (May 18th to June 1st) N. Elm St. (May 23rd to May 31st) 
 S. Oak St. (May 26th to June 6th) E. Hickory St. (June 1st to June 12th) 
 Symonds/N. Elm (June 7th to June 16th) S. Washington St. (June 13th to June 22nd) 
 Downtown (July 5th to July 26th) Punch List July 27th to August 15th