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The Woodlands Green Infrastructure Program consists of three phases. The project's goals include improving the roads, water mains, and sanitary sewers; managing flooding and stormwater issues in the area; and maintaining the unique character of the Woodlands area.  The stormwater management is accomplished through specialized landscaping, rain gardens, and bio-swales.

Phase 1 (Complete)
Phase 1 addressed areas between East Seventh Street and Woodlands Avenue east of County Line Road.  Construction began in 2012 and was completed in 2013.

Phase 2 (Complete)
Phase 2 addressed areas east of County Line Road between Woodland Avenue and 55th Street.  Construction was begun and completed in 2014.

Phase 3 (Complete)
Phase 3 used the same green stormwater management features and road design as in phase 1 and 2. The construction contract for the project was awarded on March 17, 2016.  Construction began the week of March 22, 2016 and was substantially complete in October 2016.  Phase 3 included:

Street From To
Bittersweet Lane West End East End
Dalewood Lane Sixth Street East End
Princeton Road Woodside Seventh
Sixth Street County Line Princeton
Woodside Ave County Line Columbia

Woodlands Phase 3 area

Please note that streets within the Woodlands Phase 3 will be reconstructed to the neighborhood standard of 21 feet wide from back of curb to back of curb.  This will provide sufficient room for two vehicles to pass one another while retaining the unique environment of the Woodlands.  Streets in Phases 1 and 2 that were built to the 21-foot wide dimension include Seventh Street, Cleveland Road, McKinley Lane, Taft Road, Wilson Lane, and portions of Woodlands Avenue.

Nicor conducted gas main improvements in the Woodlands prior to the Village's project commencing.  Residents who may have questions or concerns about the Nicor improvements are encouraged to contact Wesley Howell at whowell@aglresources.com or 331-228-0376 Monday - Thursday, 7:30 AM - 5 PM.

Project Objectives:
  • Reconstruct pavement
  • Stormwater management design using "green" practices and solutions
  • Improvement of sanitary and storm sewer utilities
  • Tree preservation

The construction contract for each phase includes two years of landscaping maintenance for the rain gardens and bio-swales.

A public meeting showcasing plans for Phase 3 was held on 01/28/16.  Materials from the meeting are available below.

The construction contract was awarded to John Neri Construction Company on March 17, 2016.  Construction notices can be found below:
11/9/16    Sanitary Sewer Lining
11/1/16    Parkway Restoration - Project Completion
10/18/16  Paving Schedule Reminder
10/13/16  REVISION-Final Surface Paving Schedule
10/7/16   REVISION-Landscaping and Concrete Schedule
10/5/16   Landscaping and Concrete Schedule
9/30/16   Sprinkler Repair Schedule
9/19/16   Concrete & Landscaping Schedule
9/13/16   Asphalt Driveway Paving and Landscaping Schedule
9/9/16    REVISED Binder Paving Schedule for E. Sixth (County Line Rd to Princeton), Dalewood, & Woodside
9/7/16     Binder Paving Schedule of E. Sixth (County Line Rd to Princeton),  Dalewood & Woodside
8/29/16   Driveway & Roadway Grading and Rain Garden Schedule
8/26/16   Concrete Driveway Aprons
8/17/16   Sanitary Sewer Lining Princeton & Bittersweet
8/17/16   REVISION-Curb Installation East Sixth and Dalewood Lane
8/2/16     Rain Garden Installation Schedule
8/2/16     Concrete Curb Installation- East 6th and Dalewood Lane
8/1/16     REVISION-Rain Garden Installation-Woodside Ave
7/20/16   Road Base Excavation-East Sixth St
7/14/16   Rain Garden Installation- Woodside Ave
7/1/16    Construction Activity Notice
6/23/16   Storm Sewer Installation - 6th St (Dalewood to Princeton)
6/23/16   Final Stone Road Base Prep- REVISION- Harding Rd, Bittersweet Ln & Princeton Rd
6/20/16  Final Stone Road Base Prep - Harding Rd, Bittersweet Ln & Princeton Rd
6/14/16  Concrete Curb Installation - Woodside & Princeton
6/13/16  Water Service Transfers- Balance of E 6th & Dalewood
6/4/16    Road Base Excavation - Princeton & Woodside, June 6th - June 17th
6/4/16    Concrete Curb Installation- Harding Rd, Bittersweet Lane, & Princeton Rd
6/4/16    Water Main Installation - East 6th & Dalewood June 6th- June 17th
6/4/16    ACCESS ALERT: Road Base Excavation- Water Main Construction - Curb Installation
6/3/16    Earth Excavation- Princeton Rd- Cutting in Road Base
6/3/16    Water Main Construction- E 6th - County Line Rd to Princeton
6/3/16:   Sanitary Sewer Construction- E 6th - County Line Rd to Princeton & Dalewood
5/23/16:  Brick Paver Driveway Apron Removals - E 6th and Dalewood Lane
5/23/16:  Sanitary Sewer Construction- E 6th - County Line Rd to Dalewood
5/23/16:  Water Main Construction - E 6th - Princeton to County Line Rd
5/16/16:  Sanitary Sewer Construction REVISED (E 6th St - Princeton to County Line Rd)
5/16/16:  Storm Sewer Construction (Woodside Ave - Princeton to County Line Rd)
5/16/16:  Sanitary Sewer Construction (E 6th St- Princeton to County Line Rd)
5/16/16:  Cutting in road base- Harding Rd
5/6/16:  Water Main Transfers-Springlake (Third to Woodside), Columbia (Woodside to Bittersweet), County Line (Woodside to Sixth), Hillcrest (Third to Woodside)
5/5/16:  Water Service Transfers-Woodside Ave between Hillcrest & Columbia, Princeton between Woodside & Sixth
5/4/16:  Pavement Milling- Sixth, Dalewood, Harding
5/2/16:  Water Service Transfers- Woodside (County Line Rd to Hillcrest)
4/26/16: Water Service Transfers- Woodside (County Line Rd to Hillcrest)
4/21/16: Water Main Construction on Woodside Avenue
04/15/16: Water Main Construction on Woodside Avenue
04/11/16: Sanitary Sewer Construction on Woodside Avenue
04/11/16: Storm Sewer Construction on Harding Road
04/11/16: Water Main Construction on Bittersweet & Princeton
03/30/16: Sanitary Sewer Construction on Woodside Avenue
03/30/16: Water Main Construction on Bittersweet Lane
03/21/16: Early Start Authorization
03/17/16: Pavement Milling Notice
02/01/16: Nicor Gas Main Replacement Project