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The 2016 Roadway and Infrastructure Project was constructed in 2016.  The project includes two main sections of road to repair. These sections are N. Vine Street from North to Ogden, and First Street from Park to Elm. The section of Vine were completely reconstructed with hot-mix asphalt, while First Street had its bricks removed and replaced.

Project Objectives
  • Vine Street Reconstruction
    • Sewer separation (construction of a storm sewer) on Vine
    • Replacing Portland Cement Concrete pavement with hot-mix asphalt pavement
  • First Street Reconstruction
    • Reuse existing brick
    • Addition of Portland Cement Concrete curb & gutter
    • Adding a storm sewer to capture sump pump discharges
    • Replace existing 4- and 8-inch water mains
The construction contract was awarded to H. Linden & Sons on March 1, 2016.  Construction began the week of March 7, 2016 and has since been completed.  Construction notices can be found below.
7/15/16    North Vine St- Resident Assistance w/ Sod Watering
6/29/16    North Vine St- Sod Watering
6/22/16    North Vine St. Activity Schedule week of June 27th
6/21/16    REVISION Binder Asphalt Paving-North Vine St (North St to Ogden)
6/15/16    Binder Asphalt Paving- North Vine St (North St to Ogden Ave)
6/15/16    Intersection Asphalt Milling: North Vine - E First St
5/25/16:   North Vine St-Schedule Update
5/17/16:    North Vine St- Pavement Renewal Operations
05/13/16:  North Vine St - Resume Pavement Removal Operations
05/13/16:  East First St-Concrete Work- REVISED Street access
05/10/16:  East First St. - Concrete Work & Road Closure
04/28/16:  East First St - Concrete Work
04/21/16:  North Vine St.- Resume Storm Sewer Installation
04/21/16:  East Fist St.-Road Base Excavation Suspended 
04/20/16:  East First St. - Road Base Excavation
04/13/16: Water Service Transfer on First Street
04/11/16: Resuming Construction Activity on First Street
03/31/16: Update on Construction Activity on N Vine Street
03/30/16: Resuming Construction Activity on N Vine Street
03/18/16: N. Vine Activity Interruption
Water Main Installation
03/10/16:  North Vine Street Storm Sewer Installation
03/09/16:  First Street Brick Salvage Operation
03/08/16:  Early Start Time Approval
03/07/16:  Project Kickoff Notice